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About Us

Welcome to Exmouth Info!!

About the Site

A website designed for Exmouth and Coral Bay, Ningaloo residents to help promote Business, Community Events and better inform every one of the comings and goings of our wonderful community. The site is made up of self managed directories that each business and community group can maintain themselves and update as much as they like to keep all the information on the site up to date and relevant. We also have a web app which will render on any mobile device to find that information you are after.

For visitors; welcome and I hope you find the information you are looking for when you come to visit our fantastic town.

My Account – Located in the top right corner of the web app and website with a wheel cog icon. You change all your details here as well as manage your posts and Events to update, re-submit, delete or place sold on an item.

Directory – This section is promote Local business and community groups around town at 1 low cost on a even playing field. You can put as much detail in your directories as you like. In your My Account settings you can update your detail as much as you like.

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Notice Board – This section is for all you classified and notice board needs. You can post event reviews, items for sale, shout outs for birthdays and any community information you would like. All postings go out in the newsletter the following day. you can start receiving the newsletter by simply typing in your email address in the the Lets connect on the front page. You also have the option to post to Facebook.

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Events – There are many categories to our Event Calendar. You can put all fixtures and programs or even business specials into this section. All Events listed automatically generate onto the newsletter the day they are on. Businesses to use this service all you need to do is take out a business directory. All Community listings are FREE.

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About Us

My name is Sharon and my family and I moved to Exmouth in January 2010 ready for a sea change after spending 10 years in the mining life. After being in Exmouth a while, I noticed the communication within the town wasn’t the best. So using the same concept from my previous town, I set up EELIS – Exmouth Emails Local Information Service in May 2010.

After a slow start, the community members started to understand how the service worked and 6 – 8 months later EELIS became the talk of the town.

EELIS came to a point where I needed, and wanted to expand to become a website where all of Exmouth’s information is collated in one site. With the help of my husband, we created Exmouth Info in 2011.

The first site was not without its issues as the town grew with the site. We realised what we had developed had its limitations and decided to re-develop a whole new site to suit the coral bay, Ningaloo region.

We now bring you the latest and greatest Exmouth Info where you, the user can update and change all the information on the site. This includes all community and business directory listings, events and activities, and of course the FREE classifieds and notices which still remain, but now we have Facebook integration. Join our Facebook Group to here about it first.

But that’s not all!

 To keep up with demand and the growing use of mobile devices, we now have a web app for your convenience. You can view all the data on either android or apple devices, you can even now post all your ads and notices from your phone. No need to boot up that computer.

Please remember that Exmouth Info is a live website, and all content is visible. If content has been published that you wish to be removed please  Contact Us.

Community Information Group and Exmouth Info Administrators have the right to remove any content that does not adhere to the Terms and Conditions of the website. We also have the right to remove user access if the administrators deem necessary.

Fees and Charges for the site

 If you are a private user or a Not For Profit Organisation ITS ALL FREE!

If you are a local business and wish to go into the business directory $50 + GST You get your first 25 ads FOR FREE! and you can post in the event calendar.

Individual ads after your free 25 ads $5 + GST

Or you can buy a top up packet for another 25 ads $100 + GST

Any business that wishes to advertise on the site and does not have a Business directory, but meets the Terms and Conditions for posting on the site. $10 + GST

Any item for any user over the value of $100,000 incurs a $5 charge if not registered as a business User on Exmouth Info.

All directory Listings are treated the same. If you are a large Corporate Business, or a Party Planner working from home, your directory is as good as you make it and are all listed in alphabetical order at the same cost.

If you would like to be a sponsor on the front page to get maximum exposure for your business Contact Us.

Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoy our website. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any suggestions or feedback.

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