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Exmouth Coral Bay

Exmouth Coral Bay located in the Gascoyne WA Australia, best accommodation and tours and tourism. On the door step to the Ningaloo Reef located in the Cape range National Park where the Lime Stone Range runs from Exmouth to Coral Bay. Great for tourism as one of the best attractions including the Murion Islands. Come see the majestic Whale shark in all its glory with the manta ray feeding close by on the the Coral Coast. The Cape Range National Park also offers the crystal clear waters of the Ningaloo Reef including Turquoise Bay, Oyster Stacks  Yardie Creek and the Murion Islands where the whole family can go for a swim or a Kayak. Turquoise Bay, Oyster Stacks and Yardie Creek are some of the wonders of the world with there beautiful clear waters with snorkelling and fishing and you might even see a Whale Shark or a Manta Ray. The Coral Coast and the Ningaloo Reef span right through the Gascoyne WA Australia region so you might want to check out our site Carnarvon Info for there attractions and Real Estate options and best accommodation and tours and tourism.

Exmouth Info is a website designed to better promote the Exmouth, Coral bay region through self managed directories. Business and community directory listings can be done with ease on the site and controlled by you the owner. All Community directory listings are Free. Business directory comes at a cost of only $50. All Business directory listings also give you access to the event calendar and the classified, notice board section. Having a business directory also gives you access to the Local information section which is our tourism section. Community directory listings can advertise in the events calendar and the classifieds for free. The Local information section and classified section all help promote the Ningaloo region. We also have a real estate section including best accommodation and tours and tourism.

The Coral Coast has the best tourism attractions in the area with the Whale Shark snorkelling in conjunction with the manta ray snorkelling and also the fishing in the area. The Cape Range Nation Park has plenty of attractions to see including shot hole canyon.

Some of the best places to see the Ningaloo Reef is the Murion Islands. The fishing is fantastic out there and also a great surf spot located on the side of the island. You can see sharks, manta ray and all types of marine life.

If you love the area as much as we do, why no check out our Real Estate page to get the best places in town and in WA Australia as far as we are concerned.