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Nissan X-trail 2002 T30-A for sale// AS IS/Wreck/Parts/belongings

Unfortunately, the heat driving into Exmouth made my car’s radiator crack, which eventually made the engine do the head gasket. The costs for the repairs are, sadly enough, too high for me to carry, hence why I am selling everything I own… only keeping what I can carry in my backpack. Up next is an inventory of everything that belongs to the car. If there is anything on the list that would interest you, please don’t hesitate sending me a message on fb ‘Ines Goovaerts’ or my phone 0435251517. I’m not putting any pricing on anything as you can choose whatever you feel like to help me get back on track. I just want to be able to look forward and forget I lost the house I’ve built from scratch myself as soon as possible. Also, if you would like to give the full car a second chance, I am selling the car to any whom might be interested to buy it as as is/ as a wreck/ for parts… I’m open to any discussion pricing wise, so please don’t hesitate in making an offer. I’m in very desperate need of a solution…
Things and stuff that are looking for a new home:
– Roofracks
– Rooftop basket
– Nudgebar
– 2 off-road high beams spotlights
– Towbar/ Towball
– Kings Awning
– Multimedia AV player RADIOA/CD/USB/AUX
– 1 Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S tire 215/70r16
– 20L jerrycan (with ULP 91 if you can help me getting it out of the car)
– 23L watercontainer
– wooden double bedframe
– double matras
– duvet
– 2 pillows
– mobile bamboo table
– 4 large underbed storage boxes
– 1 large cookingsupply box (pots, pans, cutlery, plates, bowls, mugs, and so much more…)
– 2 gas campingstoves
– 2 campingchairs
– Box full of tools (Rope, hammer, saw, plyers, screwdriver, iron wire, rubber bands,…)
– jumpercables
– fishingrod
– bodyboard
– hammock
– Coleman Rechargeable Fan (24V cable and 12V cable)
– 3 x glass theecandle holders
– 1 x metal theecandle holder
– outdoor mozzie-net
– 2x mozzienets for back seat windows
– sleepingbag
– 12V Adapter Plug Socket 2-way Splitter

Thanks in advance, looking forward hearing from you,