2 Sqn The Pilbara Regiment

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About Us

2 Squadron The Pilbara Regiment

The pilbara regiment’s mission is: “To provide the Australian Army with information by conducting surveillance operations to contribute to an effective Australian Defence Force surveillance network in the North West of Australia (Pilbara Region).”

It is responsible for an area of 1.3 million square kilometres from Port Hedland to Carnarvon in Western Australia, and from the coast to the border with the Northern Territory; being approximately one-sixth of the total Australia mass.

A detailed knowledge of its Area of Operations is maintained by conducting reconnaissance patrols by foot, vehicle and watercraft; surveillance from static observation posts; and by systematic communication and liaison with police, customs, other regional authorities, and with local landowners.

HQ 2 Squadron and G –Troop are located at Exmouth at the Harold E Holt Facility.

G Troop along with C Troop (Karratha) and E Troop (Carnarvon) are responsible for the western Pilbara. 80 percent of the force consists of local Army Reservists due to their in depth knowledge of the terrain, environment and community.

2 Sqn The Pilbara Regiment