Cape Range National Park

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Cape Range National Park

Located adjacent to Ningaloo Marine Park, the park boasts spectacular rocky gorges carved by ancient rivers that adjoin one of the most pristine and beautiful coastlines in the world. In addition the national park is located approximately 40km away from the Exmouth townsite and it extends for approximately another 60km south. And the road into the Cape Range National Park is sealed up to Yardie creek.

Furthermore Euros, wallabies, emus and perenties are regularly encountered. And the threatened black-footed rock-wallaby can be frequently spotted on the cliffs at Yardie Creek.

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Image from the top of Charles Knife Canyon Exmouth Gulf Side

Cape Range National Park


Image of Shot Hole Canyon

Cape Range National Park


Entry To the Cape Range National Park

capeOpen from 9:00 to 3:30 daily (Fees and charges) Located 50km from Exmouth

Turquoise Bay


Oyster Stacks



Sandy Bay

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Yardie Creek



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Cape Range National Park