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Vlamingh Head Lighthouse

Located on the Yardie Creek Road on the West Side about 17 km.

The Vlamingh Head Lighthouse offers spectacular views of Ningaloo Reef and a great vantage point to witness the famous Ningaloo sunset from its elevated location on a hill.

During the Second World War the North West Cape became a very valuable refuelling depot for US Navy ships and the Airforce developed at Learmonth. A Radar post was developed near the lighthouse. In 1953 a cyclone damaged both facilities considerably. The lighthouse and quarters did not fare lightly either with extensive damage to the lighthouse keepers quarters. Over the next year the keepers themselves did much of the repair work.

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Vlamingh Head Light House

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse ningaloo Exmouth


Information on the history with beautiful scenery

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse ningaloo Exmouth


The place to be at the end of the day with a cold one

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse ningaloo Exmouth