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Young Exmouth Squash Player Competes In Japan

On August 13th, fifteen year old Anita Tsangaris, from Exmouth, flew to Tokyo, Japan, to compete in the Japan Junior Squash Open.

Anita is a remarkable young squash player, ranking eighth in Under 17 Girls in Western Australia. Eight other WA players were also selected to represent Australia, as well as two girls and two boys from Queensland. Anita also played in Malaysia for the Penang Junior Open, where her favourite squash player, Nicol David, grew up. She started squash when she was nine years old and has successfully become one of Australia’s best young squash players.

Anita described Tokyo as a ‘crazy big dolls house, everything was so colourful with flashing lights and lots of noise. You had to crane your neck to see the tops of buildings and there were lots of gaming companies. The streets were impeccably clean and the people extremely polite’.
To prepare for the competition, Anita trained six days a week, on the court and in the gym. She has also played in many other competitions, such as; the Geraldton Junior Open, Western Australia State Junior Championships and Junior Nation Titles in Cairns, Queensland. On Monday nights, if she’s not working, she coaches the Exmouth juniors. Prior to the competition, Anita went to Bridgetown to participate in a performance player camp, which involved; fitness testing, mental skills workshops, game assessment write-ups and on court training.
In Japan, Australia and other Asian countries competed, whereas in Penang, it was many other countries including; America, Africa and Canada. In the Japan Junior Open, Anita came tenth and in the Penang Junior Open she came thirty first.

Written by Chelsea Davies


Late team dinner in a Kerioki room.


Team Photo.